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Does your School or Community Group need more information about teen dating violence?

Who we are and how we can help

The Center for Domestic Violence Prevention’s Teen Outreach Program started during the 1996-1997 school year. The Teen Outreach Program provides workshops on Teen Dating Violence Prevention to all public high schools in San Mateo County. Each workshop has several goals: to provide teens with a forum within which to discuss the issue of dating-domestic violence; to help them identify the cornerstones of healthy relationships; to clarify their rights and responsibilities in dating: to alert teens to the warning signals of dating-domestic violence; to explore why dating violence happens and why it is never acceptable to control a partner; to provide the resources teens need if they find themselves, their friends, or their family members in an abusive relationship.

We have developed a curriculum with the hope that it will enable teachers, counselors, and youth providers to help put an end to dating-domestic violence. For more information about the curriculum, and additional services, call (650) 652-0800.

The following materials are available from the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention for use in the classroom and teen groups:

Teen Dating-Domestic Violence Curriculum

A complete manual about domestic violence and dating violence for teachers or community educators to present in the classroom. Includes background information, exercises, discussion topics, and handouts.

Curriculum Outline:

  • Day One: What is Dating-Domestic Violence?
    Introduction and explanation of ground rules
    Definition and discussion of healthy, respectful relationships
    Video or role-play demonstrations
    Power and Control
  • Day Two: What are Dating-Domestic Violence Dynamics?
    Power and Control
    Cycle of Violence
    Discussion of why people choose violence and why it is difficult to leave
    Ways to keep safe
    Solicitation of anonymous questions from students
  • Day three: What are the causes of Dating-Domestic Violence?
    Responses to anonymous questions written by students
    Discussion of male and female gender roles and stereotypes
    Discussion of how stereotypes perpetuate abusive behavior and promote dating violence.

Teen Posters: Artwork for Teens and Made by Teens

Winning posters from the Public Schools. The following posters are available:
  • Poster #1 You Have the Right to Feel Safe ... If you are unsafe in your relationship (Image: child in the middle of chaos)
  • Poster #2 Love Doesn't Hurt …You have the right (Image: A fist breaking a heart)

Informational Brochures

  • Brochure #1 Pocket Sized Brochure Includes resources and phone numbers. Adult and teen versions are available.
  • Brochure #2 Agency Brochure Includes information on domestic violence and the Center's resources. Brochures are available in Spanish, Tagalog, and English Call (650) 652-0800 for more information or for requests.