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The Center for Domestic Violence Prevention offers these services:
  • 24-hour support line: 650-312-8515
    All services in the Agency are accessed through the support line. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Community Support Group
    A place to get support from other women experiencing domestic violence. Facilitated by a counselor trained in domestic violence.
  • Children't art/play therapy
    Individual sessions for children, ages 2-17, provided by a registered art therapist. A safe, nurturing environment for children to process feelings and issues surrounding family violence.
  • Crisis intervention counseling
    Short-term counseling provided by trained staff and volunteers.
  • Clinical Counseling
    Therapy provided by trained interns under the supervision of a licensed therapist. Deeper core issues which have preceded domestic violence are explored.
  • Legal Assistance
    Assistance with paperwork to obtain domestic violence restraining orders. Preparation for and accompaniment to court hearings.
  • Shelter Program
    The goal is to support women in their goals of living independently and free of violence. The 6-8 week program consists of:
    • Individual counseling and support groups
    • Assistance with job search, child care, permanent housing
    • Legal assistance with restraining orders
    • Children's art therapy; children's tutoring, counseling, and computer education program