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3rd Place



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Winners of the 98-99
Rap Poetry Contest:

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
I remember when people use to gang bang slang coke cain
Day or night in the rain.
It didn't matta people's pockets were getting fatta.
But people started dyin'
Leaven mama's cryin'
Getting locked up so filthy want to throw up.
I went through phases
Livin' in different places,
Livin' in a white neighborhood where people and police are racists,
but I made it through doe
Stayin on my toes
Moved back to the city right next to the skoe,
Little do I know stuff rearranged and changed.
The people that hated me at school was being cool with me.
No more jealousy,
Just peace on the streets.

Tony, 15