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Winners of the 98-99
Rap Poetry Contest:

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
The Waiting Soul

The sun is shinning an the clock is ticking waiting for my love to
free me from this world because priorities is what I'm thinking.


So I sit patiently waiting for her arrival making sure that when
she calls me I be there not even knowing that she is to die for.


Thou she is very valuable to me more than gold and diamonds
you are my love, the only women in this world that can keep a man

Deeper than the sea hair is wavy like the ocean but I'm just like a
lonely tree if you cut your love off from me it will cause an


Your body is like silk your fingers is like butter and you lips
taste like jello pudding even without the color's.


So I sit here and watch the clock over for another thousand years
I'm just a waiting soul waiting for that perfect women to appear.

Zeke, 16