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Winners of the 98-99
Rap Poetry Contest:

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Murder, murder, my mind states,
Bringing out the wicked to these muthaf fakes,
preoccupied with homicide thoughts,
gots to get away from these crime breaks,
but how can I help it if I got no love,
foe these hating ass suckaz and no one,
I'm filled with hatred up in my soul
Where I must go, does anybody know?
I asked the Lord foe guidance and help,
It seems the more I asked for it the more I felt,
All the pain that's within me
Got a bunch of muthaf that wanna kill me,
but they're not worth seeing this G.
Representing his varrio, the Big S.B.
So tell me why must I be in this world
Full of haters and fakers and so much more.

I ask everybody, where do I go,
but I guess nobody seems to know,
so I go right ahead grab a paper and pen and write anotha flow,
my only getaway from this muthaf nightmare
Not even the girl I wanna be with seems to care.
Now it's too much that I could bare
Layin at night deep in my sleep
tausin and turning cause I'm in to deep
this never-ending game will never change
although I changed my name I'm still trapped in this dirty shade of game.
Tired of being trapped in this vicious cycle
if one more busta start funk I might just go psycho
Busta's following me all the way to the rooftop,
should've known its was coming the day I get head popped,
inferred to my forehead, better catch my last breath, befoe I hit my deathbed.
Now I'm opening my eyez, trying to realize
if I'm dead or alive, should I get up and strive
for perfection or seek for motivation,
somebody tell me what should I do, where should I go,
I'm sure somebody has to know.

      -PUPPET, 16